Course and Club Regulations and Etiquette At Turton Golf Club

We make no apology for publication of this outline of the rules and etiquette expected at our Golf Club as we feel it is our duty to ensure that the standards of dress and behaviour in the Clubhouse and on the Course are kept as high as possible.

Making yourself aware of our rules will avoid any embarrassment to you or to the officials and members of the Club.

For us, the ownership and maintenance of this Course and Clubhouse are a source of pride and pleasure. Naturally, we hope every golfer who plays here will enjoy our Course and facilities to the full.

We believe that this guide, asking as it does for respect for the traditions and rules, as well as for the due consideration for other players, is appropriate and will be appreciated by all who enjoy the finest the game of golf has to offer.

We trust that you will enjoy your visit to Turton Golf Club.

Download a copy of this document to circulate to your guests/society members

Dress Rules on the Course

1.      All golfers including all Members and visitors must wear golf shoes and appropriate clothing. They may not wear trainers, denim jeans, tracksuits or shell suits or, in the case of men, football shirts, t-shirts or shirts without sleeves. Ladies may wear shirts without sleeves or without collars, but not both.

2.      Men may wear shorts on the course provided they are tailored garments of suitable length and they are worn with short white socks or long socks which match the colour of the shorts. Football shorts and cut-off trousers are not acceptable.

3.      Shirts must be tucked into and may not be worn outside trousers.

4.      Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless the trousers are designed for the purpose (e.g. plus fours and plus twos) or they are worn underneath waterproof trousers.

5.      Caps must be worn as intended, i.e. with the peak to the front.

Course Care and Player Consideration

1.      Please leave our Course in such a way as to ensure that it is presented to others to the standard you would expect to find it.

2.      Give other players in front and behind you the consideration that they deserve and keep the flow of play continuous by calling players through if you lose more than one hole on the players in front.

3.      Cutting in on any Tee must not inconvenience players about to play the hole, under any circumstances.

4.      A maximum of a Fourball is allowed at any one time in any one game (playing one ball each)

5.      Please repair bunkers and pitch marks on the greens.

6.      All visitors must pay a green fee before playing and temporary membership tags to be clearly visible on golf bags.

Rules in the Clubhouse

All members and visitors must comply with the club’s dress code, which requires men to wear jackets and ties in the clubhouse after 8pm on the occasions that are specified in the annual handbook and on any other occasions that may be determined by the Directors.

Casual dress is acceptable in the clubhouse at all other times, subject to the following requirements and prohibitions:

Golf shoes, trainers, denim jackets and jeans, tracksuits, shell-suits, headgear of any description, sports shirts other than those that are acceptable on the course, and, in the case of men, shirts without collars are all prohibited.  It is a requirement that shoes or sandals are worn in the clubhouse and for men the former must be worn with socks of any length.

All golf equipment and wet clothing must be left in the locker rooms or in a vehicle and are not permitted in any part of the clubhouse.  Outer wear may be hung on the clothing hooks provided in the downstairs part of the clubhouse.

The patio area outside the clubhouse is not subject to these rules.  Members wishing to enter the clubhouse to buy food or drink and use the patio must adhere to the clubhouse dress code or arrange for a member who does to make their purchases for them.  Staff serving food and drink may be able to take orders via the door intercom and may be able to serve these outside whenever they can do this without neglecting members and guests using the clubhouse.

Mobile Telephones

You are free to use your mobile when you are off the course or in the clubhouse, but again it must be set to silent/vibrate. If you inadvertently forget to set your mobile to silent and it does ring, you will be expected to cut the call immediately and you will be asked to donate £1 to the Captain’s Charity. “If it makes a sound you pay a pound”

As a courtesy to other members using the clubhouse it is expected that whenever possible people will continue to conduct their calls out in the lobby at the top of the stairs.

You may take your mobile out on the course, but it must be left on silent/vibrate mode and you may use it for emergencies only.

The making and receiving of calls during play is not permitted.

Free Wi-Fi

Turton Golf Club offers its members and visitors free Wi-Fi access in the Clubhouse. Ask a member of staff for the access code.

All members and visitors are asked to abide by the spirit as well as the letter of dress code rules whilst on Club premises. It is the responsibility of Members and Visiting Society Organisers to ensure that these rules are observed by their parties.

The Directors and Club Officials reserve the right to request any visitors not complying with the rules to leave the Course and/or Clubhouse.

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